keyboard_backspace Starting/Developing/Launching a Wellness Program at Work

Starting/Developing/Launching a Wellness Program at Work

Starting/Developing/Launching a Wellness Program at Work

After deciding you want to implement a corporate wellness program for your employees, what’s the next step? It’s important you figure out how you want to add a wellness program to your company. There are three paths you can take when it comes to who you want to help implement the program:

  • A Vendor
    • Pros
      • Vendors will take on the job and do all of the work so you or your superiors are not required to.
      • Often have marketing materials to effectively deliver a wellness program.
    • Cons
      • Vendors are often the most expensive option, since you have to hire them through an outside company.
      • Not as credible as someone who is already employed in your company so it’s vital to do outside research of vendors.
  • A Wellness Professional
    • Pros
      • Typically knowledgeable and passionate about health and wellness.
      • An inexpensive option.
    • Cons
      • Does not always possess the leadership qualities which someone in Human Resources or what a vendor would possess.
  • A Human Resources Employee
    • Pros
      • Trusted in the company.
      • Typically the cheapest option.
      • Possesses strong leadership qualities.
    • Cons
      • The HR Employee will spend their time on corporate wellness rather than other tasks

If your company decides to designate a person from your Human Resources Department, our tools provided by WhyFit can help manage, educate, and implement it.

WhyFit makes it effortless to find, put in place and manage wellness initiatives

As you see, there are pros and cons when hiring a vendor, a wellness professional, or taking on an employee from the human resources department when implementing a corporate wellness program. Whichever you choose, this person will help lead you and your company in the direction of a successful corporate wellness operation.

Next step is to talk! Promote the corporate wellness program which you’re providing for your company and explain what it is, the purpose, and how it will positively impact everyone. When I say talk, I would recommend physically talking on a one-on-one or group setting. Sending out emails will often end up in the trash and result in a lower rate of engagement from the employees. Information sessions are usually the way to go; they’re a great way to explain corporate wellness in an interactive setting. If you decide to work with us, we can help you out!

The best way to grasp employees attentions are INCENTIVES. Incentives help motivate and encourage people to do something. It creates healthy competition and fuller engagement. We base our activities around incentives. We will work with you to come up with incentives to keep your employees interested and captivated by our program, in order to become healthier mentally, physically, and emotionally! In turn, rates of absenteeism and presenteeism will decrease and rates of productivity will increase, which will help further the success of your company!

We have covered how to start, develop, and launch a corporate wellness program. If you have any questions, we are here to help! Now, let’s move on to the best practices of corporate wellness and real-life examples of success which companies, similar to yours, have experienced.

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