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Wellness Services

Wellness Services

The need for corporate wellness services has been growing exponentially in the United States due to the increase in obesity rates, leading to unhealthy lifestyles, absenteeism, presenteeism, and lower work ethic. The goals in mind for wellness services include decreasing absenteeism and presenteeism, boosting morale and retention, and eventually reducing costs of healthcare. And why is this? Americans are...

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  • Less physically active
  • Consuming higher empty calories (calories that provide very little nutrition)
  • Eating less fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
  • Eating more solid and saturated fats
  • Eating more sugars
  • Consuming more sodium
  • Are more accessible to fast food restaurants and are making poor choices
  • Live in food deserts and do not have access to grocery stores
  • Abundance of “screen time” which prevents people from getting physical activity

According to The Statistics Portal, the revenue of the U.S. employee wellness market has gone from 1.45 billion dollars in 2011 to 2.9 billion dollars in 2016! Corporate wellness services typically offered are as followed:

  • Nutrition and weight counseling
  • Smoking cessation
  • Fitness
  • Alcohol and drug abuse programs
  • Stress management
  • Health education

These services have been shown to short term-decrease absenteeism and presenteeism while boosting morale, and long-term-create a high return on investment. Shown through many examples of successful intervention, more and more business owners are implementing wellness services as it continues to grow.

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