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Group Wellness Activities

Group Wellness Activities

One of the best ways to get employees involved is to implement group wellness activities which bring all employees together in the workplace. If effective, this could improve physical activity, boost employee morale and ultimately increase productivity in the workplace. Following are some group wellness activity ideas which you can use within your workforce:

WhyFit makes it effortless to find, put in place and manage wellness initiatives

  • Company Yoga Sessions
  • Offering Healthy Snacks
    • Fruit/Dried Fruit
    • Yogurt and Granola
    • Nuts
    • Energy Bars
    • Carrots and hummus
    • Apples and Peanut Butter... Etc.
  • Offering Free or Discounted Gym Memberships
  • Weekly Lunch Walks
  • Create Recreation Company Sports Teams
  • Create a Company Cookbook
  • Have Employees Engage in Community Volunteer Work
  • Provide Monthly Health Information Sessions
    • Anxiety and Depression
    • Workplace and Mental Health
    • Understanding Nutrition Facts Label
    • Stress
    • Importance of Sleep
    • Keeping Up With Fad Diets
    • Food Balance
    • Benefits of Whole Grains
    • Fast-Food Makeovers
    • Smart Snacking
    • Physical Activity and Bone Health
    • Improving Posture… etc.
  • Create “Set Your Goal” Challenges
  • Supply a Monthly Free Lunch
  • Bring in a Practitioner for Health Screenings (Biannual)
  • Create Health Fairs with Giveaways
  • Deliver On-Site Fitness Classes
  • Offer Workshops

Bringing employees together on and off site will motivate them to work as a team to improve health behaviors, leading to reduced health risks. Group wellness activities are fun means of encouragement and shows each employee that they are not in this challenge alone. Improved productivity, decreased absenteeism and presenteeism and eventually reduced health-care costs will be seen in the workplace, having benefit to both employers and employees!

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