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Wellness Program Challenges

Wellness Program Challenges

In order to successfully implement workplace wellness, it’s important for you as an employer to get involved and advocate for healthy habits and behaviors of your employees. Through creating challenges in the workplace, it can play a huge impact by helping employees adopt healthier lifestyles. Following are corporate wellness physical, nutritional, emotional/mindful challenge ideas which can be implemented in your workforce!

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  • Physical
    • Exercise (either cardio or strength training) for 30 minutes
    • Walk or bike to work and count the miles
    • Participate in a community event
    • Avoid the elevator
    • Walk at lunch and count each mile
    • Climbing Challenge - count how many stairs are climbed per day and report it
  • Nutritional
    • Eat 5 servings of fruits/vegetables per day
    • Completely avoid junk food
    • Eat breakfast
    • Keep track of calories
    • Make healthy lunch at home
    • Reduce calorie intake by 100 per day
    • Drink 32 oz of water during work
  • Emotional/Mindful
    • Get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night
    • Read a book
    • Meditate/relax for 10 minutes
    • Complete a 10 minute yoga session
    • Spend part of your lunch break outdoors (at least 10 minutes)
    • Eat lunch with coworkers with all cell phones away

Creating corporate wellness challenges is a challenge within itself! Now that you have ideas of how to incorporate wellness challenges within your workforce, it’s time to figure out what is most realistic and beneficial to your employees. Present these ideas to your employees and see how they react. Being actively involved will only help (not hurt) your employees adopt healthy habits!

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