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Covid-19: Self-Check | Company Wellness Initiative

Covid-19: Self-Check

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The spread of COVID-19 can be contained and monitored through self-checks and symptom reports. In order to remain safe and healthy during these trying times, it is important for your company to encourage employees to take preventative actions to stop the spread of COVID-19. Regularly remind your staff to take control of their health by participating in this initiative, and encourage them to practice social distancing!

A checklist of symptoms as well as some questions for your employee to answer will be provided. If your employee experiences any of the symptoms, they should reach out to HR to seek advice in either working from home or taking sick time off.

Keep Your Company Safe from Covid

Benefits of Personalized Nutrition 1:1:

How it works:

  1. Do it Yourself Initiative
  2. Each day your employee will complete a Covid-19 symptom report. They will be required to report their temperature as well as anyone they have come in contact with that could be suspected of having Covid.
  3. Schedule Covid Self Check
  4. Daily reminders will be sent to your employees in the WhyFit wellness calendar with reminders to complete the report and to talk to HR in order to take the appropriate next steps! You can require registration from your employees to ensure the safety of your staff during this pandemic.
  5. Engaging employees
  6. WhyFit will send out informative emails and notifications to all your employees prior to the initiative to encourage them to participate in the initiative!

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