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Push Ups for Charity | Company Wellness Initiative

Push Ups for Charity

Price:  WhyFit Pro

Have your employees engage in a friendly push-up competition for a good cause! Employees will collaboratively pick a charity to donate the end-of-challenge funds to. Gather your employees at work to perform as many pushups as they can do within 90 seconds. If some of your colleagues are uncomfortable, give them the opportunity to complete this challenge at the comfort of their own home and log the results into our app. This lets everyone participate in the challenge within their own limits! This challenge aims to improve company culture and employee collaboration by helping them engage in a fun competition.

Help Your Community with Push-Ups!

Benefits of Push Ups for Charity:

  • Improve community culture
  • Community engagement
  • Boost company morale
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Shows community investment

How it works:

  1. Schedule Push-Ups for Charity
  2. WhyFit will send you a confirmation email once your challenge is requested.
  3. Employee Registration
  4. Employees will have access to register for the company challenge up to 1 week before the challenge start date.
  5. Engaging Employees
  6. WhyFit will automatically send out emails before, during, and after registration to encourage participation. Emails will continue to be sent out before the start and throughout the challenge as well to further encourage engagement.
  7. Scoring and End of Challenge
  8. Employees will be scored based on their engagement. The closer the employee is to complete the challenge requirements every day, the higher the score will be. To encourage healthy competition an active scoreboard will be accessible to all employees as long as the challenge is live. After the challenge is completed a competition summary will be viewable to employees.
  9. (Optional): Wrap up/celebratory lunch
  10. Offer a celebratory lunch (healthy) to reward employee participation and encourage further engagement in future challenges.

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