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Team Jigsaw Activity

Price:  Free

Have your employees participate in this timeless and simple game! Employees will divide into teams and complete a jigsaw puzzle before the opposing teams. But ... there’s a catch! Some of the puzzle pieces are with the opposing teams! Teamwork is key to successfully completing this challenge and will promote problem-solving and communication skills.

Jigsaw bringing employees together

Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzle:

  • Brain-boosting activity
  • Improve communication and collaboration
  • Ice breaker activity for employees between departments
  • Enhance employee cooperation

How it works:

  1. Designate a location at your office for this activity.
  2. Set up the room with the appropriate amount of seating for your employees.
  3. Coordinate with your HR department to gather the appropriate amount of puzzle boards, one per team. HR can also purchase puzzles from here!
  4. Start off the activity with a few words and divide the group into teams. Make sure to split the puzzle pieces across the other teams' puzzle boards. For example, if there are four teams total, disperse each puzzle with a certain amount of pieces to the other three teams.
  5. Each team will receive a puzzle box. Do not disclose the fact that the pieces are mixed with the other teams' puzzles. They will soon realize they have extra pieces and missing pieces.
  6. Encourage teams to communicate with each other about their puzzle pieces. Here's the catch ... only one puzzle piece can be exchanged at a time. This will create teams to strategically communicate with others to process their exchanges.
  7. (Optional): To make this more challenging, add a time limit based on the complexity of the puzzle (20-40 minutes). You can also separate the teams into different rooms to increase the difficulty as they won't be able to see the other teams' puzzle.
  8. The team who completes their puzzle first, wins!
  9. Encourage questions, comments, or feedback at the end of the activity to promote further company engagement.

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