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Be the teacher! | Company Wellness Initiative

Be the teacher!

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Employees of all levels have their own unique skill sets and knowledge that can spark new connections between colleagues, and eventually lead to company innovations. Ask your employees to prepare a short presentation about their various job responsibilities. Make sure to encourage every topic from behind-the-scenes work to top office manager. Your employees will have a chance to share their passions and projects with their peers, which should increase collaboration and company morale! You’ll be surprised to learn the hidden talents your colleagues have and might learn a thing or two.

The Employee Becomes the Teacher

Benefits of Be the teacher!:

  • Improve creativity
  • Improve communication skills
  • Enhance engagement and productivity
  • Improve company culture
  • Increase collaboration between departments

How it works:

  1. You schedule Be the Teacher
  2. Schedule the initiative in the WhyFit wellness calendar with information about the date, time, and location of the meeting place. You can require registration from your employees if you want an accurate headcount when processing your food order.
  3. Engaging employees
  4. WhyFit will send out emails and notifications to all your employees prior to the initiative happening to inform them about the initiative and encourage their participation.

Set Up for Be the teacher!:

  1. Designate a location at your office for this activity.
  2. Set up the room with the appropriate amount of seating for your employees.
  3. Coordinate with your IT department to set up any screens, audio, and other presentation equipment required for Be the teacher!
  4. Start off the activity with a few words and acknowledge the different departments within the company. Invite someone to present first.
  5. Each presenter will share their various job responsibilities, possible goals and improvements within their position, etc. They have the option to share their passions and current projects they are working on within their department that will increase company processes, communication, culture, and more.
  6. Encourage questions and comments at the end of each presenter to engage employee conversation.

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