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Health & Lifestyle Coaching | Company Wellness Initiative

Health & Lifestyle Coaching

Price:  Initial Session: $55 | Ongoing Sessions: $30

Staying on course with healthy lifestyle choices and habits can be challenging as life presents new day-to-day challenges. In these one-on-one personalized health coaching sessions employees will explore their current health and lifestyle habits, understand and identify realistic goals ‚Äčand develop techniques to accomplish personal wellness achievements in realistic periods of time. A lifestyle coach will be sure to align with each individual's personal values and interests to achieve optimal motivation and enhanced well-being. Some of the topic areas explored during these health coaching sessions include physical fitness, nutrition, wellness activities, family activities, work and life balance, as well as hobbies and special interests.

  • Initial Session Duration - 45 mins
  • Ongoing Session Duration - 25 mins
  • Sessions can be provided over phone or Zoom
  • By participating in this offering, employees will receive unlimited text message & email support (responses within 12 hours) as well as educational and enjoyable health and wellness information to support their unique journey.

Set your employees up for success

Benefits of Health & Lifestyle Coaching:

  • Improve employee health
  • Help employees reach their wellness goals
  • Improve employee satisfaction with the company
  • Increase employee self-image
  • Decrease employee stress
  • Provide the motivation to reach goals for employees

How it works:

  1. You schedule Healthy Lifestyle and Coaching
  2. WhyFit will send you a confirmation email. Please wait until we follow up on your request.
  3. Scheduling and vetting
  4. An appointment will be confirmed with a vetted, professional lifestyle coach.
  5. Engaging employees
  6. WhyFit will send out emails and notifications to all your employees prior to their session and encourage their participation!
  7. Employees participate in Healthy Lifestyle and Coaching
  8. WhyFit will set up your office with a Health and lifestyle coaching service. After that, the office will receive online or in-person services.

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